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Ash Ricketts is a trans artist currently based in their hometown of Northampton, England. They recieved their BA(Hons) in Animation from Nottingham Trent University in 2020, and graduated again with a Masters in Animation in 2021. 

Their work is influenced by their love of colour, fantasy and thoughtful narrative. With an interest in using surrealism and fantasy elements to communicate ideas of the human condition in succint and beautiful ways. 


Ash also has a passion for plants, trans activism and empowerment, and producing content for his many well-cultivated corners of the internet. Their goal is to make wonderfully whimsical pieces that spark conversations and bring a little joy too, as well as well as providing his own unique perspective as a trans artist. 


✦ You can find me on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch ! Check my carrd for all my internet spaces ✦

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